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Saint Peter's Bakery is an artisan bakery and cafe specializing in traditional French and Italian styles while providing a warm atmosphere you could call home. Every one of our items is handmade on site by skilled bakers and pastry chefs.  Located in historic Saint Peter's Village, the bakery now resides in the same building that baked bread and provided comforts to the miners of the town and surrounding area over 100 years ago.    


Each and every one of our products are carefully crafted with care and compassion from the finest ingredients on premise. Our menus and recipes pay homage to classic traditions while incorporating contemporary styles and tastes. 


Using centuries-old techniques to shape and produce the foods you enjoy, we have established for ourselves a level of standards that are sure to bring you joy.  Whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch, or just a quick coffee, you will be sure to relish your visit!


Saint Peter's Village Dates back to the 1800's when granite, iron and coal mining was booming.  Our bakery is located across the street from the source of some of the world's finest black granite. The building has maintained its character and charm throughout time, becoming the bakery you see today back in 2008.

Stop in today to experience the comfort and enjoyment that we strive to provide to each and every one of our customers. 

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