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Artisan Bread

A boulangerie in rural Pennsylvania

At Saint Peter's Bakery, we pride ourselves as a one of a kind bakery providing visitors with fresh artisan bread, pastries, and other delectable treats. We reside in the very building that once baked bread for the miners of Chester County and their families alike over 100 years ago.  While the bread ovens have been upgraded from the original brick-lined ovens in the basement to modern french made steam injection ovens, the techniques and methods of producing the finest artisan bread have changed very little.

Crafted & Baked Daily

As a small independent bakery, we produce our artisan bread by hand with skills and craftsmanship that only comes through the shared experiences of our staff members. You can be assured that the artisan bread you take home or enjoy on a sandwich at the bakery will be fresh, handmade and one of a kind. We do not utilize mass production techniques with dough cutting and shaping machines, nor do we add preservatives to our bread.

Quality Ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients including King Arthur Flour. Most of our bread begins with a sourdough starter that we have been feeding for the past decade, originating from California from a batch of sourdough nearly as old as our building! Being an artisan bakery takes a level of responsibility that our team is ready to tackle, day in and day out.

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